13 Arvei Nahal St

“13 Arvei Nahal” Project, Givatayim

Location: Project on 13 Arvei Nahal St., Givatayim, as part of Urban Renewal (Evacuation & Building).

A central location that is considered the “beating heart” of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area.

Project description: A 19-floor tower was built, including 96 housing units.

The building was built to a high standard, with a large balcony in every apartment.

Large, impressive public areas were built, including a luxurious lobby, a gym, and a tenants’ room (with a Gymboree for kids). The building has three large underground parking lots, as well as storerooms, which are also located underground, all as part of a new green neighborhood.

A prestigious building with a security guard, 24/7.

The tenants moved from old buildings constructed in the 1950s – from small apartments to large, spacious, modern apartments.