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Ophir Group

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Striving together for a better quality of life

A group of companies engaged in residential and commercial construction, as well as establishment of gas stations.

30 years in construction and development business.

The company specializes in projects of urban renewal (Evacuation & Building) in large neighborhoods (complexes).

The company supports the tenant throughout the process until the new apartment is delivered: contract signing, apartment vacation, finding an alternative apartment, assistance with moving the apartments, etc., until the date of apartment’s delivery, including assistance with moving into the new apartment. We continue to provide support in the coming years, as part of the company’s commitment to its customers.

Urban Renewal (Evacuation & Building):

Commercial Projects:

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As part of the urban renewal projects, the company has completed two urban renewal projects on 11 Arvei Nahal St. (96 apartments) and 13 Arvei Nahal St.(146 apartments) in Givatayim, another project in Givatayim (288 apartments) and a project in Petah Tikva (750 apartments).

Currently, the company is advancing other projects across the country, focusing on urban renewal of neighborhoods, with an emphasis on the Central District: Petah Tikva, Holon and Givatayim.

Company’s motto: “We are not running short distances, we are marathon runners”

Contacts: Miki – (972)54-5886713; Shlomo – (972)53-4374589

Ophir Urban Renewal Group Ltd

97 HaDkalim Blvd., Kadima Industrial Zone, POB 2550

Tel.: (972)73-2729692  Email: office@ophirbuilding.com


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